What to Know About Recyclable Pallets for Sustainable Homesteads

One aspect of running a sustainable homestead is making sure the items you use are part of that sustainability. You want to have items that are durable and useful, but also recyclable when the life of the product is gone. One of the things you may not think has a recyclable option are your pallets. Here are some things you need to know about recyclable pallets and how you can recycle them after use on your sustainable homestead.

Types of Recyclable Pallets 

You may think that all pallets are recyclable. The truth is some of the plastics or metal may not be listed as a recycling-friendly material. Also, wood pallets may have been chemically treated. This hinders them from being recycling friendly to most centres. However, you can still find recyclable pallets. You need to look for plastics marked as recycled or with the recycled logo. Untreated wood is another type of pallet that can be recycled. Stainless steel options, as well as aluminium, can also be recycled. If you are in doubt of the pallets you are buying, ask the manufacturer directly. 

Methods of Recycling

When you get ready to recycle the pallets, you need to know the methods that are available. It does depend on what type of material makes up the pallet. For example, if you have a wood pallet you can use it in the garden as a planter or other project. You can also break down the wood pallet and use it in various projects in the home. Metal pallets can be recycled at a scrap metal location. Plastic pallets can be broken down and recycled at plastic recycling centres. You can also use plastic and metal pallets for outdoor projects like raised flower pot holders and patio foundations.

Centres for Recycling Pallets

A key point that you need to keep in mind is that there are centres for recycling pallets. These centres are generally located at the manufacturer of the pallet. You can also find some businesses who buy used pallets and either refurbish them or recycle them to make new pallets. If you don't know if one of these options is available, ask during your purchasing process. 

When you are ready to buy more pallets for your sustainable homestead, look for pallets that are marked with the recycling logo. This will let you know that they are made of recyclable materials and can be dropped off at a centre. Also, look for manufacturers that have a recycling program to take back used pallets.