Three Features You Can Take Advantage Of With Your Custom Shed

Owning a shed is something many men and women across Australia dream of. A place that is not as delicate as your actual home but one that still retains many of the same qualities could be a perfect spot for relaxing, creating or tinkering in all sorts of different fields. Whether you are an artist, sculptor, mechanic, carpenter or simply looking to create your own grown-up hidey-hole, custom sheds are the best way to achieve this dream. They can come in any shape or size you want, and there are many features you can consider that will take your shed to the next level. Here are three great and affordable customisations you can add to your shed.


A mezzanine is great for medium-sized sheds to add an extra dimension for storage or whatever you like. When you are choosing what type of mezzanine you would like (and how big you want it to be), you should consider whether it should be able to hold your weight or if it is just for storing lighter items. Think about the position of your mezzanine so that it does not disrupt any windows or natural light sources and make sure you have some way of accessing it. A ladder is preferable, but some people would rather some simple stairs, which are also just as good.


Great for working sheds on a farm, partitions allow you to compartmentalise your shed into different, specific areas that you can then use to store, work on and construct different projects. If you have a vehicle that you need to store but don't want it to get in the way of your other endeavours, then getting a partition wall between it and the rest of your shed is a great idea. Perhaps you just want to have an outdoor and indoor storage space in your shed. Again, partition walls allow you to easily create two storage spaces that are very easy to use. 


If your shed is going to be built quite a distance from the rest of your home or business, then it may need its own power supply. While you can run an overhead or underground wire to it, this can be very expensive and cost a lot to maintain. A generator is a relatively inexpensive way to add a power source to your shed, and you should think about where to put them during your design process. Creating a little, sheltered area out the back of your shed where it can remain out of the elements is preferable. Don't wait to find out it is going to cost $30-50,000 dollars to attach a power line to your shed; prepare beforehand and get a generator.

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