Why Metal Balustrading Is the Perfect Choice for Your Industrial Application

No doubt, balustrading systems made of metal are widely used in industrial areas, such as schools, offices, hospitals, warehouses and factories to protect people against falls from height. But have you ever wondered why metal balustrading is an obvious choice for industrial applications? 

Metal balustrades offer a variety of features and benefits that make them suitable for use in industrial establishments. Continue reading to find out some of the top advantages of these balustrades.

Offers Superior Strength and Durability

Industrial areas typically receive heavy foot traffic, meaning that the balustrading systems installed in these areas should be able to withstand frequent and heavy use. Effective industrial balustrades should be sturdy systems that are made from quality materials, and metal balustrades match these criteria perfectly. These balustrades are available in a selection of materials, tube sizes and jointing styles to match the loading requirements of different applications.

Requires Minimal Upkeep 

Another reason metal balustrades are a popular choice for industrial facilities is due to their low-maintenance requirements. These balustrades require minimal maintenance attention to remain intact and keep looking pristine. The surface of the metal is smooth to the touch and doesn't have any crevices that would trap dirt. 

All you have to do to get the most out of your balustrades is to get them wiped down with a wet, clean, lint-free cloth and a little mild detergent on occasion.

Available in a Range of Styles, Finishes and Colours

For applications where the appearance of balustrading systems really matter, owners or managers of industrial facilities can choose from an array of materials, as well as styles, finishes and colours.

That way, they can choose a product that blends in nicely with the style of their facility or the surrounding area. 

Deliver Great Value for Money 

Having to replace battered balustrading on a frequent basis can be an expensive thing, and that's why metal balustrades are a favoured choice for industrial areas. Although the balustrades themselves are expensive to install, they are an economical choice over the long-term, as they provide superior strength and durability compared to other balustrading options while requiring less maintenance. 

Dollar for dollar, metal balustrades offer great value for money.

If you are convinced that metal balustrade systems are the perfect choice for your industrial application, get in touch with a balustrade services company near you today to discuss your project needs as well as a quote.