Why Use Sandblasting to Remove Line-markings?

If you need to remove old line-markings before putting down new ones, then you need an effective removal method. Ideally, you want to get rid of all traces of the lines so that you can start afresh. You don't want any remnants left on the surface.

You can use chemicals, hydroblasting and grinding to remove old markings. You can even buy specialist paints to cover them over. However, for a complete solution, it's worth looking at sandblasting removal options.

Here, you apply abrasive materials at a high pressure to remove old lines in either a wet or dry process. What are the benefits of taking this route?

Get Rid of Every Trace

Some line-marking removal methods are more effective than others. To a large extent, this depends on the method you use and the type of paint that created the markings in the first place.

While some removal techniques, like hydroblasting, work well on some paints, they won't work as effectively on others. For example, newer thermoplastic line paints can be tricky to fully remove from a surface using water blasting. Most of the markings may go but some traces will remain.

If you use a sandblast removal method, then you get more effective results. The abrasive nature of the materials ensures that all the paint comes off. You get a clean slate surface for your new markings.

Protect the Surface

In an ideal world, you want to remove old line-marking paint without affecting the surface itself. Some removal methods, like chemicals and grinding, can cause some surface damage.

For example, if you use a grinding machine to grind away the paint, it will take some of the underlying surface off too. You don't get enough control to just strip the paint away; the machine leaves behind some collateral damage.

So, even though the paint disappears, you'll probably be able to see where your markings were as the surface will show them. The surface itself might lose some of its strength and stability.

If you use a sandblasting removal solution, then an experienced operator can deal with the paint lines without affecting the surface itself. This keeps your road or area intact while eradicating all signs of your old lines.

For the best results, it's important to use the right sandblasting method. To find out the right solution for your situation, contact local sandblast companies and ask about their line-marking removal services.