Benefits of Using Formatube for Barn Building

Building barns has it sets of struggles. This is especially true if you are working on property that has different grains of soil and different topography issues. These issus can make the actual construction difficult, but there is a way to reduce that difficulty. By using formatubes in the development, you can help reduce many of your obstacles. Here are some benefits to using the formatubes and what you need to know for your barn construction.

Soil Integrity

One of the leading concerns with building barns is the soil integrity. This is mainly because the load bearing of the barn is held to the barn poles, with some weight placed on the trusses. As the barn poles are driven into the soil, the soil can become thin and loose. If the soil is rocky, you may experience barriers that make the poles uneven. You can reduce the issues with this by using formatubes. The tubes do not require to be driven into the ground with the strength of a pre-made pole. The tubes can also help hold the integrity of the soil while the concrete is cured. This means that you have less chance of soil integrity issues and sinking.

Water Resistance

A leading benefit to the use of formatubes is the ability to have water resistance during the curing stages of the process. In most cases, the cement either needs to be pre-formed or it needs to be covered to prevent any moisture getting into the form. With the use of formatubes, you do not have to worry about this extra covering or the issues that may come with pre-built options. The tubes are actually covered with a water-resistant layer and can be capped off to prevent any damage or issues during the final stages of the building process.

Reduced Construction

You may think that if you are using formatubes, more construction is needed. The truth is there is less construction needed with this option. You do not have to have braces placed on each pole to ensure they do not collapse during the curing and setting stages. You can also have all of the poles placed at once rather than a few at a time. This reduces your overall labour hours and the cost drastically. You can also reduce the construction by avoiding the waterproofing steps that are often associated with concrete. 

When you are ready to begin construction, contact your local formatube manufacturer. If you are not constructing the barn on your own, consider discussing the option with your contractor. The contractor or manufacturer can discuss your options, pricing and any questions you have about the process of using this construction solution.