Why screw piling can create a solid foundation for your building project

Screw piling is a method of creating foundations by using hydraulic motors to screw helical piles into the ground that then support the load of the building or surface that is built on top. What are the advantages of using this kind of foundation?

Suitable for any surface

Screw piles can be inserted into any kind of surface. There is no need to remove the soil or earth that is already present nor to create a concrete bed to insert the piles into. This means there is no waste to take away, which saves on disposal costs and means that they are ideal for use in ground that has been contaminated, as there is no need to remove the earth that is already present.

Easy to install

As the piles are screwed smoothly into the ground, they produce much less vibration and noise than a traditional pile solution. This contributes to the health and safety of the workforce and minimises disruption to anyone living or working nearby.


Because the ground does not have to be prepared, the piles can be inserted without any delay. They are also available to carry the load as soon as they have been installed. Since time is money, they will keep costs down as well as save time on the project.

Temporary or permanent

Screw piles are ideal for temporary structures. Not only can they be inserted quickly, but they are easy to remove, as well - they simply need to be unscrewed in the same way that they were screwed. Using screw piles means you can be sure that your structure is put up as quickly as possible but still rests on secure foundations.

Environmentally friendly

Screw piles can be made of recycled steel to keep your carbon footprint to a minimum. And if they are supporting a temporary structure, they can be reclaimed and reused when the structure is removed, lowering the environmental impact even further.

Good with nearby structures

As the piles can be inserted one at a time, they can provide a solid foundation in a site that has limited access or is near to other buildings and structures.

Screw piling can be a fast and effective solution for creating foundations that keeps disruption and environmental impact as low as possible. Just get in touch with a contractor and find out how the method can be tailored to your project.

For more information, contact a screw pile supplier.