Understanding The Different Types of Wire Fences

Wire fencing can be used around a piece of property in both commercial and residential settings to prevent individuals or animals from accessing your property. They can also be used to keep your pets, livestock or poultry within a particular boundary or housing. You need to know the different types of wire fences available to determine which ones fit your applications best.

Types of Wire Fences Based On Design/Appearance

You can come across woven, barbed, welded or electrified wire fences. You can already guess what the woven wire fences are because they are the most widely used (You might be familiar with the term chain-link fences). Woven wire fences are simply fences made by weaving wire. Most of the time, the pattern formed is a square or diamond kind of shape.

Welded wire fences are those fences where the wires have been welded together to suit your fence needs. You might find them being used in natural reserves, in farms and the construction of dog runs, chicken coops and pet playpens.

Barbed wire is mostly used for security purposes because it has sharp and pointy edges that can prick anyone or an animal trying to access a particular fenced area. It can also be used to keep livestock contained.

Electrified wire fences usually are made of sets of straight wires and posts connected to an electric current.

What Materials Are These Wires Made from?

Most fence wires are made from steel, but you can also come across aluminium wires. If you choose steel because it is cheaper, try and go for stainless steel because it is more resistant to weather elements and salt. Aluminium can also be a good option, but it is pricey. The good thing about aluminium is that it is lightweight, strong and resistant to weather elements. You can also come across poly wires, which are usually used for electrical fences. They usually come in an array of colours.

Choosing A Wire Fence

Different factors are considered when choosing wire fencing, but the main one is your requirements. Your wire fence applications determine the type of wire fence to select and the appropriate thickness. If you are using a wire fence to prevent burglars from accessing your property, you may want to look into measures of reinforcing the fence, especially if your locality has many burglar reports. You can even combine barbed, woven and electric wire fences or barbed, welded and electric wire fences.