5 Creative Ways to Use Perspex Acrylic for Visual Merchandising in Your Retail Store

The retail environment should be crafted to attract sales. Cluttered shelves, unappealing displays and messy aisles can negatively affect a customer's buying decision and ultimately reduce sales. This is why businesses should invest in visual merchandising. One way to do this is by using a material such as Perspex acrylic around the store. Unlike glass, acrylic is an affordable material, and this makes it an excellent choice for enhancing visual aesthetics all around the store. Below are five creative yet effective ways you can utilise it for visual merchandising:

1. Product Displays and Shelving

Product displays increase the exposure of a product and help to drive sales in a retail store. Keeping merchandise in solid displays beats the purpose of displaying your products as customers won't get an attractive view as they walk around the store. Acrylic is the perfect material for displays. It is a clear, transparent material that is equally as effective as glass but comes with a lower price tag. 

Acrylic improves the effectiveness of your displays by allowing customers to see items as they browse the store. The material can also be used in making shelving. Since it is a lightweight yet sturdy material, it can produce durable and visually appealing shelving for the store. It is a low-maintenance material, making it ideal for use in high-traffic areas.

2. Acrylic Countertops

Are you tired of using "Don't Lean on the Glass" signs in your store? Glass is a fragile material, and it can easily break or scratch on impact. Unfortunately, if you have counters that double as display boxes, you may not control what the customer does. They could lean on the glass and scratch it as they enquire, make an order, or wait for an item to be packaged. 

Acrylic is the perfect material for your countertops. Acrylic doesn't scratch easily; thus, you don't have to worry about customers leaning on it as they view products in the store. When it does scratch, you can remove the scratches and restore the appearance of the displays by using acrylic polish and sandpaper.

3. Point-of-Purchase Displays

Point-of-purchase (POP) displays can significantly impact sales in a retail store. According to research, point-of-purchase displays can improve sales. These displays highlight a particular product and draw a customer's attention to them. There are various ways you can utilise acrylic in making POP displays. Ideas include the following:

  • Standalone displays that draw attention to a specific product in the store
  • A hanging 3D arrow pointing towards a sales section 
  • Promotional displays on the checkout line

Acrylic is a malleable material. You can make any display, from boxed to free-form. You can also have the acrylic painted during fabrication with your preferred colours. This allows you to create themed displays for promoting specific products or merchandise.

4. Apparel and Shoe Displays

When storing foldable items in a fashion store, you want to use shelving that allows for easy organisation while still allowing customers to have a clear view. Acrylic is the perfect material for apparel displays. You can use it to store and display foldable items such as t-shirts, pants, towels and bedding. You can even have colour-coded acrylic hangers and hooks. 

Additionally, you can also use acrylic shoe displays in place of wooden ones. Transparent shoe racks create visual interest in the products and can help to drive sales. Finally, since the material is incredibly lightweight, it allows you to move around and reposition the racks and displays.

5. Acrylic Jewelry Holders and Cases

If you sell jewellery, you need to create appealing visuals to attract customers. Most people display jewellery in counter displays for easy customer service. However, it would be best if you still had small boxes and holders for individual pieces. Acrylic makes the perfect material for this. Unlike glass, the material does not easily break on impact; therefore, it's an ideal choice for securing valuable items. You can even add a locking system for increased security. 

Acrylic has countless uses when it comes to visual merchandising. An acrylic manufacturer can fabricate custom display pieces to attract customers and boost sales in your store.