3 Benefits That You Stand to Gain from Metal Powder Coating

Powder coating is the latest decoration and protective technology used in metalwork. In this method, experts use tiny pigment particles mixed with resin to spray metallic surfaces. The experts charge the metallic surfaces electrostatically for the colour and resin to adhere.

This coating method has become very popular in the past few years because of its excellent results and versatility. The time required to coat the metallic surface using powder coating is much shorter than other methods, and the result is a uniform finish. Here are the three benefits you gain from using metal powder coating.

1. The Finish Is Durable

When the powder-coating cures after spraying, it forms a tough protective finish over the metal. This coating is much more durable than regular paint. The coating also does not chip easily, which makes it ideal for use on surfaces that undergo wear and tear.

It is hard to scratch and cause fading to a surface painted through powder coating. Colours that are sprayed onto metallic surfaces remain vibrant for many years. This method is excellent for metals that spend hours in the sun.

2. The Method Creates Less Health Hazards

The biggest health hazard associated with paint is VOC solvents. Solvents evaporate and cause massive damage to the ozone layer. They also affect painters and anyone else who comes into contact with the painted surface. Once you inhale the fumes, they can cause allergic reactions and other health problems. Also, the solvent used in other paint types is very hard to get rid of and sometimes needs emulsifiers and hot water to remove.

Powder coating uses resin and paint particles in the absence of any solvents. This makes it a safer painting alternative for both the painters and the people who will handle the metal after coating.

3. You Protect the Environment Better When You Use Powder Coating

First, the person doing the coating can collect all excess powder that does not stick to the surface being sprayed. The powder is easy to reuse in other applications. Second, the painting process takes place in a closed-off and sealed environment, which minimises the possibility of environmental pollution.

These are a few of the many benefits you stand to reap from powder coating. The essential thing to remember is to get your coating from reliable professionals, as this will improve the quality of the outcome.

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