Why You Should Have Your Water Tanks Coated With Epoxy

Having suitably sized water tanks ensures that you have a reliable water supply to meet all your commercial or industrial needs. Apart from the capacity or size of the tanks, you will also need to consider other factors such as the construction material when choosing water tanks. For steel and concrete water tanks, you can get the most from your tank with protective coatings. There are several coating options for these tanks, with epoxy being among the most popular. Here are some of the benefits of this coating.

1.    Improved Durability

Water tanks with an epoxy coating will last a long time. Your tank will be able to withstand the internal pressure from within, which should give you the confidence to fill it up to the brim at any time. The coating ensures that the tank can stand up against all weather conditions, however harsh. The epoxy coating is also highly impact-resistant. The coating is strong and does not easily crack or split on impact. This means that it will stay in place for longer and help to protect your water tanks against paint chipping, scratches, and dents.

2.    Better Protection Against Corrosion

Steel water tanks are especially susceptible to different types of corrosion, including general corrosion, localised corrosion, and galvanic corrosion. This corrosion action can lead to structural damage to the tank, not to mention that the by-products of the process can render the water in the tanks unsuitable for specific uses. The epoxy coating will protect your tanks from the various corrosive agents. As such, you can look forward to your water tanks staying in good shape for a long time, and the water being contaminant-free.

3.    Better Thermal Resistance

Water tanks with epoxy coating have a high thermal resistance. The advantage of this resistance is that your tank will perform as it should regardless of whether you leave it to stand in the desert sun or in ice. This is especially important if you are in an area that experiences extreme temperatures. Additionally, the better thermal resistance makes it possible for you to store liquids at high temperature in the tanks. You can store hot water that you need for different applications without worrying about it getting cold fast.

A Worthy Investment

As you buy your concrete and steel tanks, you want to ensure they perform as they should and last long while at it. Getting the tanks coated with epoxy guarantees just that in the ways highlighted and will help you get the most from your water tanks.

Reach out to a professional to learn how else to protect a water tank