Stainless Steel Wire Pallet Cages: What Makes Them Stand Out?

The success of your warehouse and logistics operations depends, in part, on the carriage equipment you use. The variety of equipment you choose must guarantee safe storage while standing up to the rigours of the transportation world. Certainly, this is only achievable if you give lots of thought to your choice of carriage materials. Stainless steel cages make a great choice. However, have you thought about going for stainless steel wire cages over the traditional ones? They come with lots of benefits and attributes that separate them from the crowd. Here is a discussion that will teach you everything you want to know:

Temperature Resistance

There is no doubt that some of the products you need to transport can go bad because of temperature changes. For instance, using enclosed pallet cages in a refrigerated truck leaves your items at the mercy of the cage's localised temperature. If the materials cannot transfer the cold temperature precisely to the inside of the cage, your items are likely to go bad.

A stainless steel wire pallet cage adapts to the surrounding temperature courtesy of the open mesh structure. The openings keep rust and moss from forming and damaging your products. Free flow of air is responsible for this.


Earlier, there was mention of your transport equipment being able to withstand a harsh working environment. Your pallet cages should resist corrosive chemicals, extreme temperature and brute force among other things. Indeed, few materials can meet this requirement with the same excellence that stainless steel does. The wire pallet cage can be made with a galvanic coating that keeps rust at bay. Additionally, the fabricator can go for strains of carbon with excellent chemical resistance for specific applications where you are transporting corrosive items.

The talk about durability is not complete without mentioning the sturdy nature of steel wires. You will comfortably stack a few cages of stainless steel wire without fracturing or collapsing the cages.

You Can Customise

The ability to customise your pallet cages is critical for most business operations. From a branding perspective, customising adds a unique, unmistakable touch to your products. It assures your customers of good quality products as they can identify your pallet packaging from the onset. On that note, steel wire pallet cages are versatile for optimal customisation. Options like powder coating the wires enable you to get a finish that others may not be able to duplicate. Other options like nameplates and forklift guides are also available for a more personal feel.

Talk to a steel cage manufacturer for more information.