Why Use Formatubes With Plastic Linings?

Formatubes help you create concrete columns more easily. You simply insert these reinforced cardboard tubes into the ground where you want to build, pour in the concrete and then peel the cardboard off. You're left with a perfectly sized column.

While these tubes are simple to use, there are times when you need to do a little extra work to get the exact results you need. For example, you can insert a special plastic liner into each tube before you make your columns. What are the benefits of adding plastic liners to the mix?

Get a Better Quality Finish

Formatubes create viable columns; however, they might not all give you the aesthetic look you want on your finished concrete. While some tubes can create textured effects, most leave columns with a smooth outer surface.

However, you might not get a completely smooth and even surface here. If the tube has a seam, then the concrete will have a line down the side where the seam sits. If the tube has a spiral construction, then the column might pick up this design on its surface as well.

While you might not care about cosmetics in some builds, unwanted lines and markings can be a problem sometimes. If the column needs to look smooth and finished, then you'll have extra work on your hands after the build to get the surface up to standard.

Plastic liners help you out here. These plastic tubes sit inside the cardboard formwork tube like a snug inner liner. They don't have seams or lines on them.

So, they don't affect the surface of the concrete at all. You get a smooth and professional finish on all your columns. If you need to paint or coat the columns, you can do this without any other prep work.

Speed up Tube Removal

Formatubes are designed to be easy to use and easy to remove. Once the concrete inside the tube has set enough, you simply remove the cardboard outer casing. You cut some tubes off; others peel off in spirals.

If you use plastic inserts, then you could make this process even easier. While the tubes have special oil linings of their own to prevent the cardboard from sticking to the concrete, you might have the odd part that sticks. You might damage the surface if you have to cut away at the cardboard too much.

If you use plastic liners, then the concrete won't stick. The cardboard comes off more easily and the liner peels off quickly.

To find out more about plastic liners and whether to use them, contact Formatubes suppliers.