6 Advantages of Powder Coating for Rims

Powder coating for rims can have both aesthetic and practical benefits. It changes the appearance of wheels dramatically, while also providing protection over the long term. Here are a few of the most important advantages of powder coating for rims.

1. Protection Against Conditions

Wheels are highly vulnerable to damage as they drive along roads coated with salt, stone chips, and water. Small pieces of debris that are flicked against the wheels while driving can cause damage to the rims, while water and salt lead to corrosion over time. Powder coating forms a protective, non-porous layer that protects wheel rims against all these possible hazards. No matter what conditions you are driving in, powder coating for rims provides the protection your wheels require.

2. Long-Lasting Protection

Compared to conventional paint, powder coating has a much longer lifespan. The powder coating process involves spraying the rims with powder and then curing them at a very high temperature to melt the plastic-based powder into a thick liquid that forms a strong protective layer. This surface can protect the wheel rims for many years without needing replacement.

3. Full Coverage

To ensure that every part of the wheel rim receives an even coverage, the powder coating process uses an electrostatic charge to direct the powder and ensure it sticks to the metal. Even parts of the rims that would be difficult to reach with a conventional painting technique receive full coverage.

4. Eco-Friendly Process

The powder coating process is relatively environmentally friendly. Unlike painting with conventional paints, powder coating releases no volatile organic compounds, which are harmful to both human health and to the natural ozone layer that protects our planet from excessive solar radiation. It is also common practice to collect and recycle powder that has failed to stick to the rims, therefore helping to preserve the planet's natural resources.

5. Value for Money

Although powder coating can cost a little more than painting with conventional paint, it is a cost-effective solution as the effects are so long-lasting. Powder coating for rims can even boost the value of a vehicle or allow it to better hold its value over time, which means that it is very worthwhile.

6. Attractive Finish

Many people choose powder coating for rims because they like the appearance that this process creates. The finish is very smooth and even and gives your vehicle a smart and professional look.

Reach out to a professional who provides powder coating for rims to get started.