How to Keep Your Pallet Cages in Good Condition

Pallet cages are beneficial in promoting better management of goods during transportation and storage. These units are made of steel mesh, which protects against mechanical damage to merchandise during handling. Moreover, the stable structure keeps the goods in a tight package, minimising the risk of losing track of critical items. Therefore, incorporating the cages in your logistics plan could enhance efficiency in your business significantly. However, you must remember that poor upkeep of your pallet cages will cause deterioration and failure of the units. Here are some tips for ensuring the assets remain in the best condition.

Follow the Weight Rating

The most common cause of premature structural degradation in pallet cages is non-compliance with the maximum weight rating. These items are designed to handle heavy loads, but their construction has limits. The manufacturer provides a rating to indicate the highest mass the cage can support without damage. Make sure your loads are always below the indicated limit. Remember, the structure will not break down immediately due to overweight loads. The wear will be gradual, decreasing the weight capacity of the unit, and an accident could occur unexpectedly while hauling a regular load. Additionally, you must never impact load the pallet cages when placing heavy loads. Forceful loading creates a shock effect and exposes the structure to mechanical stress.

Avoid Hazardous Loads

You should never place hazardous materials in your steel pallet cages. Hazardous material will cause accelerated wear of the steel structure. This problem will occur if the materials react with the metal. For instance, you must prevent exposure of your cages to acids and other industrial chemicals. If you must handle these compounds, ensure they are packaged correctly to prevent leakage. This precaution will protect the unit and prevent environmental contamination. Additionally, avoid using pallet cages that have handled hazardous materials to store or transport sensitive loads like food.

Clean the Containers

You must clean your pallet cages to maintain the best condition for long-term use. Keep in mind that small spills on the surfaces of the steel structure will damage the material and ruin the aesthetics. The cleaning frequency and method will depend on the types of goods handled and the surrounding environment. In most warehouses, the cages can be wiped or hosed down periodically. However, if you are handling potentially hazardous materials, you must wash them thoroughly with a compatible agent. Finally, plan for the safe storage of the pallet cages during the periods of disuse to prevent accidental denting and warping from impact. 

For more information about maintaining your pallet cages, contact a local company.