Why Buy a Farm Water Tank With a Self-Cleaning System?

If you want to install a concrete or poly water tank to harvest rainwater on your farm, then you need to think about water quality maintenance. This is especially important if you will use the water to drink or to give to your livestock. In some cases, it pays to install a tank with a self-cleaning system. How do these systems keep water clean? What are their benefits? How Do Water Tank Self-Cleaning Systems Work?

Structural Timber: Three Fundamental Tips for Promoting Durability

If you are planning for commercial or residential construction, consider the benefits of incorporating structural timber. In general, timber is one of the most versatile materials in construction. The intrinsic strength of the wood makes it invaluable in framing and flooring applications. Also, timber is lightweight, so handling and installation are easier than alternative materials. Additionally, wood is flexible and can be customised to match unique needs. However, keep in mind that poor construction choices can lead to a shorter lifespan.